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Oh my, now where I do start? This is an absolutely beautiful image already and this is only the beginning for you. You've done a superb job so far for how long you've been doing digital work and as one of your the first of your more realistic pieces. Now to break down my thoughts and opinions of it.

Vision - 4/5

This is hardly something you can get right easily though I think you've done well with it. This kind of style you're trying to work with and to keep the original style of the character too. I can see what you had tried to accomplish with the over the shoulder look/head turn and I think you did rather well getting that across.

Originality - 3.5/5

Now this is where I find it hard to comment on. You've taken the character in a different direction then to most fan-art I've seen. However, the pose and overall 'look' is something done to death in various media and is often a cliche which is actually still effective but nothing really original. Again, it's fan-art, I can't mark fan-art too highly even though you've taken down a different route then it's 'Anime' styled origins.

Technique - 4.5/5

Now then, the real praise comes in the form of how much and how well you've improved within the digital medium and how you've used what you've learned to create this. Firstly, those eyes, just something about them seems out of place. They are nicely done and they look utterly gorgeous, but the size of the eyes themselves look a bit too wide and 'cartoonish' against the realism of the rest of the image.

The nose is also rather small, even for the smallest of noses in my opinion. However, this is in comparison to the size of the eyes. Maybe reducing the size of the eyes will help balance the face out. The lips look fine by me, really nicely done. And that jawline! So smooth and yet so sharp, the skin tones definitely reflecting the youthful look of Miku too.

The headset/microphone look good, a tad rough but they don't exactly detract from the overall image. Then the main focus of this image and where it simply draws you in. THAT HAIR. My goodness I am in love with how much detail there is in it and just how well you got the highlights and the different tones. This shows you are truly getting ever closer to that 'professional' look you are oh-so close too.

Impact - 4.5/5

It's that hair, seriously all the impact from that hair simply takes my breath away. Even with the blank background, this image has plenty of power to draw you and simply gaze upon it. Simply put, this is so close to being such a visual impact without overloading the screen and making it a mess. It's just great, simply great in my opinion.

I am in awe of how far you've come in such a short space of time and I cannot wait to see what you will pull off in the future!
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xXNami-sanXx Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
...oh my, I don't even know where to start with thanking you!!!!!! This is such an incredible critique - I'm really grateful for all your kind words and very helpful advice! :aww: I also love how you are so supportive, and willing to make suggestions that will help me to eventually achieve my goals!! You honestly motivate me to keep working hard!!!

I take on board all of your comments, and thank you again for your time, kindness and support. I really do admire you! :heart:
Teddypotts Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanking me? I didn't think the critique was as good as I could've made it. Especially as you have gone and said it's 'incredible' D: It's not problem at all, I'm happy help and support you anyway I can. Honestly it's nothing at all, what I'm doing for you is what I think you need to hear about your work to keep progressing forward with it. I'm only a simple person but I will try my best to critique your work as fairly as I can. I really hope I do because I want to see you work hard and earn the results you deserve!

You really do? :blush: I don't deserve such words but thank you~~ :heart:
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